GRCTC 2nd Annual Symposium


The Centre’s 2nd Annual Symposium was held at the Dublin Convention Centre on December 14th.

The theme of this year’s Symposium was ‘Rethinking the R of GRC and how we view Risk: Future Possibilities for Next Generation Enterprise Risk Management.’

The Symposium was chaired by the GRCTC Chair Brian Hayes (RDiL Consulting and non-exec), who introduced Marc Coleman, the Director of Financial Services Ireland, who made the official address and formally launched the Programme. Marc provided a wonderfully engaging reprise of Ireland’s International Financial Services Strategy (IFS 2020), including some penetrating insights into BREXIT and the position in the US and how he saw this being more about growing the global FS cake rather than parochially (and opportunistically) seeking to ‘swipe’ the crumbs from others…

Marc commended the work of the Centre and offered every support to its ongoing and future activity.
The first presentation marked the official launch of an important milestone for the Centre in its ongoing collaboration with Deloitte UK’s Risk Advisory Group. This saw the presentation of a co-authored whitepaper from Professor Tom Butler (Academic Director and Centre PI) and Rob Brookes (Deloitte UK’s Director, Risk Advisory, who had travelled over) which focused on achieving business objectives through integrated risk management.

This was Tom’s second Symposium and carried on from the theme of the first, whereby having spent the first rolling a boulder up the mountain at BOI’s House of Lords, he may have moved down the road and a century, but was alas, still stuck in the Greek groove, between the proverbial rock and a hard place!

Next up was Centre collaborateur, Ian Bamber of Capital Edge, London, who gave a most perceptive and incisive account of his 2 year journey (strictly no boulders) with the Centre in developing not only a rewarding symbiotic relationship at an institutional level through R&D activity, but as a pathway to personal growth and professional development.
Ian was followed by Centre Member Fenergo, represented by Joe Dunphy (VP – Product Management), who provided an absorbing account of how banks are managing the impact of regulatory change on processes and technology. Joe’s assessment was that ultimately, it would be the willingness to adopt a ‘community approach’ that would transform the Industry in a truly meaningful way…

Finally, Centre Steering Committee Member, Brian Fahey (CEO, TerraNua), himself a long-standing advocate of the GRCTC, delivered clear-sighted and rapier-like observations of the complexity of managing conduct culture, which attracted some interesting questions and discussion for the subsequent Panel, which included the presenters and Richard Pike (Centre Steering Committee Member and Principal, Enterprise Governor Software Ltd and non-exec).
The materials from the Symposium will be made available shortly.
The Centre wishes to thank all of its Members for its generous support to making this Symposium another major milestone in the GRCTC Journey and for all those who kindly attended on a bit of a ‘soft’ day in Dublin.

The GRCTC is sincerely appreciative of all your support!