New UCC President meets with the GRCTC team


New UCC President Patrick O’Shea meets with some members of GRCTC team in 13 South Mall, Cork on 2nd March 2017. UCC President, Patrick O’Shea and GRCTC Project Manager, Declan O’Flynn (former classmates in both Scoil and Coláiste Chríost Rí ) meet up since 1975, in 13 South Mall , 2nd March 2017.

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Minister Eoghan Murphy visits the GRCTC


Minister Eoghan Murphy met with the Cork-based Research Team this morning, which presented the Centre with the opportunity to discuss first-hand the recent launch of IFS 2020/Action Plan 2017, which the Minister was at pains to emphasise was very much a ‘living’ document and in particular the criticality of GRC/RegTech as a potentially key driver/point of differentiation for Ireland Inc.

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Risk Management – a ‘cognitive’ discipline?’


The paper approaches risk management from the ‘cognitive’ angle, building the argument that two often forgotten elements of Enterprise Risk Management is the link back to corporate objectives (and the concomitant cascade of those objectives throughout the organisation) and that uncertainty can be managed by increasing the amount of knowledge about both risk events and the potential impacts on those objectives.  The paper’s objective and essence was to describe how an ERP for risk management (aka Corporate GRC) can be built..

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GRCTC nominated at the Irish Software Awards


The GRCTC was nominated for the first time by Ibec/ISIN for the Irish Software Awards on Friday November 25th at the Mansion House. The Centre came joint second in their category for Outstanding Academic Achievement, an award won by the Irish Centre for High-End Computing (ICHEC) for its cutting-edge …

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GRCTC give presentation for Irish Software Innovation Network


The GRCTC Centre presented for the second time at the invitation of the Irish Software Innovation Network held at Ibec in Dublin on November 9th. The Centre is extremely appreciative of Dave Feenan’s hosting of this event, which also featured a highly informative update from Financial Services Ireland Director …

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GRCTC are the Technology Sponsor of the first Fintech Performance Report

For the first time Market Fintech is compiling a FinTech Performance Report purely for the financial services and banking industry. The formula is an annual analysis of FinTech sales which will be broken down into sectors and categories.

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‘Ireland is well placed to grow financial services jobs by one third’

Dr Cal Muckley says the ambitious IFS2020 Strategy can promote growth in the IFS sector. Ambitious, even audacious plans have been at the heart of the development of the Irish Financial Services sector since the initial phase of the IFSC…

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GRCTC in The Irish Times

Following on from the recent GRCTC visits of Minister Harris and Gareth Murphy, the GRC Symposium, ACOI Event and this week the Innovation Showcase in Dublin, we have today, further to the Irish Independent FS Supplement on FinTech…

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Fenergo Corners RegTech Market

Exciting times lie ahead for Fenergo. Already punching above its weight, the recent investment in the company will challenge it to redouble its efforts, writes its chief executive Marc Murphy. Quotes here from the Sunday Business Post plus more…

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Ireland Focus – Fintech

This formed part of and IRELAND FOCUS: FINTECH Special in September as part of the FT Wealth GEN Magazine, which had an accompanying foreward by the US President. The article also featured contributions from Centre Consortium member CEO, John Byrne, who chaired the GRC Technology Centre’s inaugural Annual Symposium in Dublin the following month.

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